Dr Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila Nguyen is committed to industry work and research evidencing the influence sport has as a change agent for social & environmental good.

Sheila has a PhD from Florida State University (USA), specialising in corporate social orientation and stakeholder management with ongoing research interests including corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility, measurement and research design.

She has had experience working with licensing/marketing (PGA Tour, USA), corporate consulting (William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills, USA), and she worked as part of the broadcasting team at the 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou, China) with clients such as NHK, Al-Jazeera, KBS, and CCTV.

Sheila is an alumna of both the Committee for Melbourne’s business leadership program and Cranlana’s Executive Colloquia.

She passionately advocates for environmental leadership within the sport industry and its communities and does so in her role as Executive Director of the Sports Environment Alliance Inc (SEA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to: EMPOWERING SPORT TO DO MORE {for the world} WITH LESS {footprint}.

Sheila is committed to using her energy to improve our environmental health for public good, and she sees her role at Melbourne Forum as an avenue to do so, starting with her city.

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