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May 14, 2020
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


A Zoom event under Chatham House rule
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Managing Digital Security in a COVID-19 World

An In-House Series event

Hosted by:

May 14, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Hosted by: Meena Wahi, Michelle Beveridge and Dr Paul Cooper

Conversations That matter is a members’ only, member led In-house event; where members focus on what we, as individuals and relevant institutions, can do about an issue.

 How do we manage our digital security in a COVID-19 World and Beyond?

It seems almost overnight the world has taken on digital transformation.  Digital infrastructure underpins virtually all our transactions now adays. Is the trade off with our personal information an acceptable means for exchange?

With few answers or information available in the public domain on how our data is used, privacy concerns need a much-needed outlet to come to a consensus on what we should and could be doing.

Health data is the most sensitive of our information we can share. The COVID-19 tracking app once again highlights the confusion, and concerns we face in dealing with our privacy and rights in a digital world.

Join three Melbourne Forum members leading a practical interactive discussion on how we should consider digital security in our lives today:

Meena Wahi, a digital risk consultant and advisor on strategies to mitigate digital risk, who has been lobbying for greater regulatory penalties for data breaches in Australia;

Michelle Beveridge, a CIO with extensive experience in Information Technology; and

Dr Paul Cooper, a consultant and academic in Digital Health and Health Informatics Management.

Some areas and questions that will be discussed are:

Understanding the exchange, use and controls of our Health Data

Is having a benign regulator in Australia serving any purpose?

If we transact with our information using digital platforms, should there be a return in cost saving and less taxes?

In a COVID-19 world can we achieve both data safety and physical safety?

Start the Conversation:

This event will draw on members examples, experiences and thoughts; so, add your comments prior to the event:

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What are In-House events?

Conversations That Matter is part of the In-House Series; events that draw on the diverse expertise of our members sharing their ideas and experiences on contemporary, complex or controversial topics.

Developed and moderated by members, under the Chatham House Rule. Instead of a guest speaker we learn from each other, challenge assumptions, spark new ideas or point the way for potential actions.

We continue to learn and share on the Members Forum, the online chat room on the website. This provides access to pre-event and post-event reading and discussions and where members (irrespective of attending the dinner) can share insights and comments on a range of subjects.