The Members Area is where we can learn from each other, spark new ideas or point the way for potential actions.

Whether it is the Digital Dialogues (discussions relating to our program themes) or curious questions or sharing what you have discovered, seen or read, it is our collective contributions and viewpoints that make for interesting conversations.

There are five themes to our online Members Forum that encourage exploration and critical thinking:

Event Series – access to background pre-event reading and post-event updates and where members (irrespective of attending an event) can discover relevant content and comment.

Member Articles – our members often have their written words published. If you have an existing piece or would like to write an article exclusively for Melbourne Forum we would be delighted to share it.

Idea Sharing – members brainstorming, sharing insights and ideas, offering examples and exploring views on some big picture issues or disruptive challenges. It casts a light on major social, cultural, scientific and political issues.

Curious Questions – queries how we engage as a society, raises ethical dilemmas, points to contradictory claims and how we can better understand what is happening in the world.

Issues of Interest – if you have a topic to post that doesn’t fit one of these themes, please do post it, as many other members are bound to be interested.

Some suggestions to get started …

Follow your interests – explore themes and discussions across the entire virtual program. Click a blue ‘subscribe’ link to get updates and notifications. It’s a wonderful way to stay current with a specific discussion or the entire in-house series throughout the year.

Hear what people are talking about – keep an open mind, look for a different perspective, be taken down a different path, step out of your intellectual comfort zone. You may even change your mind.

Join the conversation – whether at an event or on our website it is the differing and respectful viewpoints that add to the experience. We encourage you to contribute to the conversation.

By the way …

The views and opinions expressed on the Members Area of the website and in other content shared by Melbourne Forum members are solely those of the original contributors and other authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Melbourne Forum as an organisation or as a member community.

We come together online under the Chatham House Rule as we do across our Melbourne Forum platform.