Member Stories

Yvonne von Hartel AM “The Melbourne Forum offers a modern club experiencing new things in Melbourne.” 

Bruce Hartnett AM “…a journey that opens our eyes and opens our minds.”

Prof. Emeritus Andrea Hull AO “Melbourne Forum is an environment of respect.”

Dr. Paul Cooper “We wanted to design a concept that enabled respectful conversation yet still kept the benefit of a full exploration of widely divergent points of views. Deciding on a ‘facilitated dinner party’ format allowed us to present those dangerous topics where emotions may run high in a way that fostered considered perspectives and shared outputs.” 

Dr Sheila Nguyen “We seek betterment for knowledge acquisition and a better sense of civic leadership.”

Shawn Callahan: “Yesterday my friend said our cities will flourish if we move the needle from consumer to citizen. Similarly, dangerous dinners move us from relatively passive audiences to even more engaged members of Melbourne Forum. Member led, member driven events encourage everyone to participate and we all benefit.”

Dr Michael Liffman: “Underlying the In-House Series was a hope that participants would come with open minds, to ask important questions, to challenge their own assumptions, understand the interplay of certain and uncertain beliefs, to learn from ideas, listen to the facts, and even change their mind.”

Jed Macartney OAM: “I initially joined because I liked its origins and the format of the events. The origins are still valid, the events are better and I have met many wonderful people who have been guest speakers and many more who are members.”