Melbourne Forum
Membership Code of Conduct


As Melbourne Forum (MF) members, we abide by this Membership Code of Conduct.


Events are conducted under the Chatham House Rule (a rule or principle according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified.) Members are expected to observe this rule including in whatever communications media they may use. They may not record an event, including speaker and member comments,  in any format.

  • Members who have invited a guest to attend an event are responsible for advising their guest(s) of this code of conduct and their guest’s adherence to the code.
  • Phones are not to be used during MF events and shall be switched to silent or turned off for the duration of the event as a courtesy to the speaker and to other members.
  • Depending on venue, meals are generally served as an alternate drop. In order to alleviate noise and disruption to the conversation, we ask that you swap your meal discretely with the person next to you if required.
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to the event being an informative and enjoyable experience for all who attend. Members shall treat speakers, other members, guests, MF staff and venue staff and patrons with respect and courtesy.
  • Members are reminded that the focus of our functions is the invited guest speaker. Members are therefore requested to keep their questions brief and not to use them as an extended sounding board for their own personal views.
  • Promotion of other MF events or mention of other matters is not permitted, except with written approval of the Executive Officer. Such approval must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the event time and is at the sole discretion of the event host and/or Executive Officer.
  • To encourage interaction between members, seating is not pre-assigned other than for dinners, signature events and in other rare circumstances as determined by the Executive Officer or event host.


Personal Actions and Behaviours

  • Members shall adhere to a neat and tidy appearance at all times.
  • Members shall not physically, verbally or in written form, bully, harass or intimidate others and must refrain from actions and behaviours that undermine the health, safety and wellbeing of other members, guests, MF staff or staff and patrons of venues.
  • Members shall respect the right to privacy of the speaker, other members, guests and staff.
  • Members are expected to behave responsibly and not engage in conduct internally or externally to the MF that could bring MF into disrepute or tarnish its reputation.
  • Members shall not use membership to promote a business, cause, event or personal activity in which they, or a person associated with them, has a personal or financial interest. Where a member prefaces a statement or a discussion with a statement declaring such an interest it is at the discretion of the event host of the function whether such a discussion is allowed to continue.
  • As an open discussion group it is not appropriate for Melbourne Forum to take a view, or participate in public debate, on particular issues; or to support or fund causes. Individual members, or groups of members, are of course free to act in their private capacity on issues to which they have been exposed at Melbourne Forum activities


  • Members shall abide by and uphold the Constitution.
  • Members shall pay any fees in relation to an event to which they have committed.
  • Members shall have no right to use the IP of MF branding, including name and logo without approval.
  • Should any breach of the Membership code of Conduct occur, the Board of MF has the right and sole discretion to act in the following ways:
    – Temporarily suspend membership until the matter is resolved.
    – Revoke membership rights and privileges permanently.

At Melbourne Forum we welcome constructive feedback on our events and operations. When providing feedback, members are asked to bear in mind that we are a club with limited resources and we rely heavily on the good will and collegiate nature of our members, guests and volunteers.

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