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May 27, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Mail Exchange Hotel
688 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
  • This event has passed.

Dangerous Dinner – The ethical challenges in our healthcare

A Members’ only event of robust discussions on what we can do about controversial and complex issues

Hosted by:
Dr Sheila Nguyen

May 27, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Major breakthroughs in health services and delivery mean we are living longer and healthier lives.

However, developments in the Human Genome, Designer genetics, Personalized Medicine, Stem Cell treatment, AI, use of data, and countries with different ethical and cultural norms pushing the boundaries of medical research; bring big costs and unprecedented ethical challenges.

This transformation in healthcare is creating concerns about the use of personal information, access and affordability of treatment, patient choices and patient experience; including the confusion and mistrust about the use and potential abuse of our national MyHealth Records.

How well are our medical practitioners, researchers, medical institutions, big pharma, insurance companies and governments equipped to balance the costs and benefits?

If stakeholders in healthcare fail to keep pace with these rapid developments, or if things fall between the cracks, who or what do we trust for unbiased information and for the provision of the best medical care that we can afford?

This Dangerous Dinner will use examples of ethical issues from members currently working in this area; to explore the challenges we face and what we can do.

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What Are Dangerous Dinners?

As good a connection to the other members present as I have got from any Melbourne Forum event I have been to.” James Macneil

Dangerous Dinners are member only events where instead of a guest speaker, the topic is developed and moderated by members.

In a relaxed, intimate dinner party format, we draw on the diverse expertise of our members sharing their ideas and experiences on complex or controversial topics; to learn from others, challenge assumptions, spark new ideas or point the way for potential actions.

Dangerous, because the topics may be difficult to discuss, we ask the silent questions, we challenge our thinking, we address pressing issues and test emerging ideas.

Safe because under Chatham House rule we respect other views and listen with the intent to learn.

Dangerous Dinners are supported by the Members Forum, an online chat room on the website. The Members Forum provides access to pre event and post event reading, issues and comments. All members (irrespective of attending the dinner), can participate by adding a post or subscribing to the topic (Subscribe button on top of the Topic) to receive updates of new posts.

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