Melbourne Forum Fellowships

The Melbourne Forum Fellowship gives the rare opportunity for select individuals to go on a special development journey that allows them to explore their civic impact, really expand their networks and engage in a different way of learning. It is designed to be inspiring and influential.

The Fellowship gives access to the Melbourne Forum program for one year along with the insight and expertise of the membership to develop a solution to a strategic issue with assistance in turning an idea into action.

While nominated by a Melbourne Forum member or a Director alum, most likely these individuals will have qualities that set them apart from others. Nominees will be achievers and contributors in the non-profit or community sectors.

Chances are a nominated individual is already doing extraordinary things and now wants to find new approaches, gain wider sources of inquiry, test strategies and broaden perspectives.

Support the initiative

Fellowship places are funded from pledges by members or Director alum. Members wanting to share the joy of Melbourne Forum through supporting this Fellowship program may contribute a discretionary financial amount with the understanding that Melbourne Forum does not have DGR status and that all offers are voluntary, confidential and unconditional.

Members may also offer to participate in a Fellowship Roundtable to assist with a strategic issue, be willing to facilitate introductions or provide specific advice to a recipient.

Gift a seat at the table

There may be a time when your plans have changed resulting in an event credit. Now you can gift these credits to the Fellowship.

Further details on these giving programs are available upon request.