Sharing the Melbourne Forum experience by introducing a trusted colleague or connection is valued by our members.

Whether a Melburnian or a c-suite expatriate new to the city, our members are curious and interested about civic engagement.

In fact, our collective membership is drawn from the many different threads and backgrounds of our vibrant city: business leaders and philanthropists, consultants and social entrepreneurs, professionals from law, medicine, arts, health, architecture, education, technology and finance; people from SMEs, major corporations and government, foundations and for-purpose organisations.

With differing formats (in person or virtual; conversation leader or interest group; discussions led by speakers or members engaging with each other) there are multiple ways for members to participate.

A potential new member

– respects diversity of ideas, diversity of thought, diversity of opinions, diverse viewpoints and diverse discussions

– enjoys hearing about new concepts, knowledge sharing and big-picture learning beyond one’s usual sphere of practice

– values access to meet with and talk to fellow members and outstanding contributors outside of their industry, in intimate settings, while discovering new venues

– seeks exposure to the highest level of expertise and real-world lessons that our conversation leaders – all with a reputation for excellence – bring to the table under the Chatham House rule.

Paths to an introduction

There are a variety of paths to introduce a potential new member to the Melbourne Forum experience: Members’ Drinks or lunch are ideal or ask for their name to be added to the event mailing list.

The application then continues when the member completes our online membership details.

Our ‘thank you’ gift

New members: as a ‘thank you’ for choosing to join Melbourne Forum we are adding an $80 credit^ to your account that can be redeemed as a guest invitation. You may invite a trusted connection or colleague (new to the Forum) to a luncheon, signature series event or to member drinks at any time over the next 12 months. Your guest is then most welcome to attend one future event at your member rate.

  • ^Applies to those members who have paid the joining fee. Should you wish to invite a guest to an event where the member price exceeds $80 you may pay the balance between the credit and the member price.

Current members: to show our appreciation for introducing a paid-up new member* we are adding a $35 credit to your account that can be redeemed as part of a guest invitation. You may use it when next you invite another trusted connection or colleague (new to the Forum) at any time over the next 12 months.

  • *When the joining fee has been paid.